Your mission today, should you choose to accept it, is to create a clear, specific, long-term, radical, powerful vision/goal to keep your relationship on track.

Many people understand the significance of creating a goal or a vision for their career, possibly their health, their retirement, and even for the size of their family, where they want to live, the kind of home they want to own, and car they want to drive. But rarely, if ever, do couples sit down and create a vision/goal for their relationship.

The value of creating a vision, is that a vision pulls us and compels us toward whatever that vision is. By the nature of a vision we are passionate about, it keeps us focused and working towards that particular goal. It also gives us something to measure our progress against. And, it’s a great tool to keep us on track. With a clear vision, we can assess whether what we are doing is working or not to have that vision turn out.

This is the vision board that Joe and I created in December, 2014, the first year we began traveling in our RV. Take a close look at the images and words on this board. What do you notice? Does anything stand out to you?

This vision board was created BEFORE I began writing my book, Real Passion Revolution. I knew I wanted to write a book. My friends had been encouraging me for years to write a book. But I wasn’t inspired to write yet – and I certainly didn’t have a title anywhere in my mind.

I began writing in April, 2015. My book literally unfolded like a flower opening to the invitation and inspiration of the sun.

Back to our vision board……

By August, 2015 I was far enough in my writing to be thinking about the title. One night, I was giving Joe a massage on our bed. He was lying on his stomach with his head at the bottom of our bed, which faces our vision board. He excitedly said, “What if you call the book, Real Passion Revolution?”

Do you see that on the board? Joe ended up designing my book cover based on the words and their colors from our vision board.

There are many words, messages, and experiences on our vision board that have inspired our life together. Many of these things we have already enjoyed and some we have yet to experience – but we will!

I find it interesting, and a bit insane, that the most significant aspect of many of our lives, our romantic relationship, we don’t create a vision for; it doesn’t even cross our minds to create a vision for what this relationship will look like for years to come.

In my relationship with Joe, I decided I wanted to create a safe, loving, passionate, supportive, encouraging, compassionate, fun experience for him. I determined to never say an unkind, critical, complaining, shaming, nagging, manipulating word, or anything that would cause him to feel like he wasn’t enough for me. Nor would I communicate in any way that he was responsible for any unhappiness I might experience.

As a result of my relationship vision, I am very conscious of the words I choose with Joe, and the approach I take whenever there is an issue requiring my attention. The result is, my relationship is aligned with my vision and Joe is having the loving supportive experience I envisioned he would – and so am I! Remember, what we sow into our relationships we will also reap.

When designing your own relationship-vision, ask yourself this question:

  1. What is the vision I have for my relationship? Be very specific like I was in my vision with Joe! Keep in mind, we can only choose our words and actions – we cannot control others to have or implement the vision we have for our relationship. However, our words and choices make a significant impact for having our vision turn out.

Next – and this is where the power lies – Ask yourself:

  1. Does what I do and say (every day) support my vision for “US” or cause “US” damage? Do my conversations and actions draw “US” closer together or further apart? The most honest and unbiased way to determine the answer to these two questions is to check in with your results. Are you and your lover connected? Does your lover enjoy being with you? Are you experiencing the relationship you always hoped for?

If not, it’s time for a new plan to implement the vision you have for your “Happily-Ever-Always!”

Do you know how to experience the relationship you long for without making the most common, destructive mistakes most couples make?

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I would love to see your vision board too. Please take a picture of it and post it in the comments below.

Cheers to Creating the Life of Your Dreams, My Friend!

Denise Darlene

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