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Do you dream of a passionate, loving, lasting, deeply fulfilling relationship?

Maybe you’ve been with someone for many years, but your relationship is barely alive…You’ve tried everything you can think of but you feel stuck, unhappy, and you’re tired of settling for less than your heart longs for.

Or maybe you’re in a new relationship or looking for a partner to spend your life with, and you want to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes 99% of couples eventually make in their relationships.

The bad news:

Failed relationship statistics continue to rise generation after generation, likely due to the increasing acceptance of divorce and less tolerance for settling. One thing’s for sure – the current approach to romantic relationships isn’t working, and hasn’t for generations!

The good news:

It IS possible to live your romantic dream.

I wrote Real Passion Revolution because I’m blown away at how fulfilling my own romantic relationship is and, I wanted to share what I’ve discovered with the world! I’ve combined 10 essential ingredients that I use every single day with my lover that are unlike anything I’ve ever heard or read about.

Real Passion Revolution is a system of relating to each other from an entirely new approach. It is a recipe of 10 essential ingredients that blend together to produce an atmosphere of love that is so deep, so connected, and so safe, that any relationship can be renewed, rewarding, and completely fulfilling.

I found this book to be truly amazing and insightful! The information transformed my life and it opened my eyes with so many “ah ha” moments, “things make deeper sense to me now”. I felt energized from my experience reading Real Passion Revolution. I find myself continually referring back to the inspiring  messages and enduring principles in this well written book. It applies to all of us and you are bound to learn something great in these pages. It has been so beneficial to me in many of my relationships, and people have even noticed my change of attitude! The knowledge and power of this book is exactly what I needed especially at this point in my life. I only wish I could have read it many years ago so I could have been empowered even sooner!  
– TODD MORRIS | Owner & Master Stylist, Studio 13 Inc Salon, FL


Having read numerous iconic self help books and having been a student of scripture and timeless teachings all my life, I admittedly began reading Real Passion Revolution with a skeptic’s heart. What I discovered in the pages of Denise’s book was truly enjoyable, challenging, and unexpected! It’s as if the reader has the opportunity to sit at the feet of their beloved family matriarch or community Pastoral figure and experience teachings on love, acceptance, and self reflection directly from an inspired source. The stories and examples that are weaved throughout the pages are equally as entertaining as they are profound. To say that this book is making a difference in the lives my partner and I would be a major understatement. I know of no single other source of teaching and inspiration that has made a bigger impact on our relationship and growth together. I’m happy to say that this skeptic has become a true Real Passion Revolution believer!  
– AARON BALL | CEO & Founder of Ballpoint Communications Group, FL



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